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What is EMT?
> EMT stands for Experience Management Technologies. We manufacture technological tools for buildings to define tenant and management experience.
At EMT Controls we believe in the future everybody will be living in Serviced Apartments where centralized services and controls bring efficiency. Consolidated services will significantly reduce our waste and clearly increase overall efficiency. We develop technologies that allow management have the control, apply efficiency mechanisms that will guarantee customer retention while significantly reducing operational costs.
Where is the production base?
> Unless otherwise explicitly written, all products are designed, manufactued  and verified in Izmir, Turkey. All of our electronic raw materials are purchased from reliable market leader distributors (EBV, Silica, Avnet, Arrow, Digikey)
How can I configure these products?
> Most EMT Controls controllers has built-in web interface for simple configuration. Default IP address is Our KNX products has ETS libraries, please ask the product expert for the libraries. DALI products has a special software tool for programming DALI ballasts on the bus (you can still use third party DALI programmers to program ballasts too)
How complex are the products?
> During our previous projects we worked with different technical teams from different companies and  countries. We especially specialize in Hospitality Industry, where systems always have to be easy and understandable. Therefore our products are designed specifically to be able to configure and to install easily.
I have a complex project in front of me and I can’t manage to prepare for project. What should I do?
> Contact us and send your project information & details.  We will provide expert advice according to your project  for free.
How can I be reseller of EMT products?
> There is a special training program for our potential resellers to explain details of our products and how they can manage to get the best performance with them. You will need to buy a demo case to be able to atten to this training. Please contact us for further details regarding partnership training and becoming an official reseller of EMT Controls products. (If you are familiar with KNX systems you will learn EMT Controls products much easier)
 What is the importance of ISO certification?
> A. The importance of ISO certification is that it provides assurance of Quality management which in turn provides assurance to our customers. When someone purchases EMT Controls Products which is ISO certified, the customer has assurance that the quality they receive is what they expected. 

An ISO certification forces an organization to  focus on "how they do business". Each procedure and work instruction must be documented and thus, becomes the springboard for Continuous Improvement.
How can I find any further information?
> Please contact our sales team from this link: contact us