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DALI Gateways

4 Channel and 2 Channel and 1 Channel DALI gateways provide cost saving solution for demanding applications with high ballast count such as airports, ball rooms and shopping centers.

KNX forms a reliable backbone for the DALI automation system, reducing active network elements and capital expenses.

HCM340 series has KNX and Ethernet for IP networked installations.

HCM115 series comes with full featured ETS Library. USB port enables easy connection to virtually any computer. This simplifies on-site commissioning with simple PC software.

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CB300 HVAC Gateways

Air conditioning systems consume biggest energy in our buildings. But are they smart enough? Do they get weather forecast? Can collect big data over time and learn something?

Our "predictive control platform" does big data analytics to make buildings save energy. But it needs an interface to communicate to your VRV/VRF installation.

CB300 HVAC Gateway helps you connect Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, LG, Beko and Arcelik air conditioning systems to BMS, KNX or to cloud for supervision and bidirectional control of all parameters.

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